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Vivienne Mackinder’s Exclusive Certified Consultation Training Program

Over 20 exclusive hairstyling video tutorials to strengthen your soft skills – Increase your retention and referrals through a Vivienne's certified five-star consultation program.

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Vivienne Mackinder’s Exclusive Consultation Training Program

Follow Vivienne as she guides you step-by-step through her exclusive certified consultation program – over 20 exclusive video tutorials to strengthen your soft skills.

Learn how to design to your client's lifestyle, personality and face shape. Apply these soft skills to all of your designs – Increase your retention and referrals through Vivienne's five-star consultation program!

“Soft skills get little respect, but they will make or break your career” – Peggy Klaus



Face Shape Design

Learn the science of designing to face shapes and the art of facial framing.

✔  Facial Framing Design
  Understanding Beauty
  Rethink Your Consultation
  How To Correct A Face Shape
  Changing Head Shapes To Change Facial Shapes
  The Power of Parting To Change Facial Shapes
  Voguing Around The Face To See Facial Structure
  How To Take Photos For Instagram

The Three Wheels of Fashion

How to develop style through "The 3 Wheels of Fashion".

✔  Three Wheels of Fashion – Part 1
  Three Wheels of Fashion – Part 2
  Three Wheels of Fashion – Part 3
  One Girl, Six Dates – Who Do You Dress For?
  Six Faces of Fashion

The Consultation 

The client is not buying the product or services you sell, the client is buying the outcome you offer. 

✔  Consultation Guide For Stylists
  Consultation – Part 1
  Consultation – Part 2
  Consultation – Part 3
  The Truth About Body Language
  Communication Skills – Part 1
  Communication Skills – Part 2

Your Professional Image 

Understand the value of your image and professional style. You cannot give or sell what you do not have – Attract who you are!

✔  Professional Image
  How To Be A Great Assistant
  Assisting Tips

Unlock Your Creativity

Over 100 Hours of Added Bonus Video – FREE!

The story, the journey and the experience – Be Inspired! Includes: "I'm Not Just a Hairdresser" film series, hair shows, Viv TV webinars, keynote speeches, Vivienne's editorial collections, and the "History of Hair" video series.

Sit back and be entertained!

Edgy Hair Tutorials

FREE Video Collection – Over 60 Hours of Additional Tutorials  Just For You!

Your Backstage Pass! Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a live hair show? We go behind the curtain and show you edgy hairstyles to inspire the artist within you.

Fun and entertaining – enjoy your front row seat!

Get True Results

 20+ Video Lessons – Vivienne Mackinder will coach you on improving your skills behind the chair in these exclusive video tutorials. 

 Downloadable Lesson Plans – Download printable lesson plans to easily make notes as you follow along with each video tutorial.

 On-Demand Availability – Take the class at your own pace and in your own time. Viewable from any device in any up-to-date browser.

Get Instant Access – ONLY $79
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