Live Workshops with Master-Stylist Vivienne Mackinder


Join Vivienne Mackinder, seven-time recipient of the North American Hairstyling Award (NAHA), and her celebrity guest for an intimate one-on-one training session. Events held in both New York City and The Hamptons.

Seating is limited per event – Reserve your spot today!



Join us in the city of lights, New York City, for one-on-one training workshops with Vivienne Mackinder and special guest stylists. Learn the tips and tricks of the trade, and advance your skill set as a professional hairdresser.


Join us in the beautiful scenery of the Hamptons, for intimate training sessions with Vivienne Mackinder and her Art Team. Learn how to recreate classic styling techniques, while advancing your skills as a professional hairdresser.


"I just wanted to say THANK YOU. What a wonderful week this has been. I can't express my sincere gratitude to Vivienne and yourself. I have felt so welcomed and appreciated. This experience will completely change my career trajectory in extraordinary ways. Please let VM know that whatever her evolution will be, I'll always be there to support her. All my best !!"

Christopher Mitchell

"I just wanted to thank you so much for this past weekend. I had such an amazing time and I learned so much. I'm looking forward to taking your classes again soon and being able to soak up even more information. I can't thank you enough for everything you taught me in those four days and I hope to keep in contact with you! You are an amazing mentor and I'm so honored I was able to be in the studio with you."

Emily Shackelford

"Words cannot express what I am feeling at this very moment. I was away on a camping trip and was without internet access and just got home and when I saw your email I just burst into tears. It truly is an honor for me. How can I ever thank you for your inspiration, kindness, words of support and encouragement. I will follow your advice and will hold it near to my heart. If I never get to grow my hair back, I can come to terms and accept it as I already have but what I have realized is that the people I have met along the way of my search, such as yourself, is reward enough because the lessons I have learned have made me see things from a different perspective and have only added to my character for the better. Being in your presence for only a couple hours made me want to be better in every aspect of the hair world. Something that I can honestly say that I’ve never felt before. Your visit to Parisian was of great impact to me and I hope to attend one if not more of your classes upon my completion in January and I’m definitely signing up for the Elite Program. Best of everything to you Mrs. Mackinder and Paula as well and a million thank you’ s for be so amazing."

Omaira Torres


Don't miss out on the latest ideas from Vivienne Mackinder, on mastering hair techniques and much more!


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