Mastery Cutting Virtual Workshop

The Art of Razor Cutting, Part 3:
The Glass Bob

MONDAY, APRIL 5th, 2021
2pm - 5pm EST | 11am - 2pm PST


Get ready for 3-hours of packed information and fun! Follow along as Vivienne Mackinder guides you through part-3 of her Virtual Masterclass Workshop – The Art of Razor Cutting with the Glass Bob. 


The "What, When, and Where"...


April 5th, 2021


Online – From the comfort of your home or salon


2PM - 5PM EST | 11AM - 2PM PST


Vivienne Mackinder
& HDTV Artistic Team

*Once you purchase your ticket, you will receive a Private YouTube Link via email to join the workshop.

What You Will Learn

✔ Learn how to cut a perfect Bob the first time

✔ Understand how to achieve the 3 unique Bob techniques, when building a square line

✔ Learn how to retain a square line when creating ghost layers

✔ Learn time saving techniques – Are you doing 2 haircuts on one client? 

✔ Do you struggle to get both sides the same? Viv will show you how to avoid this common challenge.

✔ How to create focal points and visualize the line

✔ How to create invisible layers working with the scissors and the razor

 Finishing skills  using “The  3 Wheels of Fashion” and how to develop a great sense of style

*NOTE: All work is performed on mannequin heads

Get Out Your Mannequin & Follow Along!

Get ready for 3-hours of packed information and fun! Follow along step-by-step as Vivienne guides you through this virtual mastery cutting workshop. This workshop will be broken into 3 sessions:

Session 1: Design to face shape and razor fundamentals (30 minutes)

Session 2: The hair cut technique (90 minutes)

Session 3: Dress work and finishing skills – Who is sitting in your chair working with the "3 Wheels of Fashion (60 minutes)


Invest In Your Future

Join Vivienne as she guides you step-by-step on how to expand your creativity and technical skills, and create the Glass Bob.  Vivienne's Artistic Team will also be in the chat room to answer questions, making this a great time to chat with Viv!


Live-Action Feedback
Vivienne guides you step-by-step within a private setting away from crowds.

Digital Environment
Vivienne brings the workshop to you online from the comfort of your home or salon.


✔  Take your own technique from C to a stellar A+

✔  Inside knowledge about Vivienne’s techniques that you won’t find anywhere else

✔  Get up to date on the most modern techniques and current trends

✔  Resolve common technical and creative problems faced when working with clients

✔  Learn from the master herself

LIFETIME ACCESS to the workshop recording, so that you can watch it again and again on replay.

Join Vivienne Mackinder's Exclusive The Art of Razor Cutting, Part 3 – The Glass Bob for only...

What's Included:

• FOLLOW ALONG: Watch and learn from your computer/tablet (*Vivienne will not see your screen)

• Q&A Session via Chat window

• LIFETIME ACCESS to workshop recording


*Pricing is in US currency, additional international rates may be applied.